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     When the music is all acoustic, at a volume that pulls you closer, and when the lyrics truly matter, you get a different kind of feeling about what you're listening to....It almost feels like a hug. Woodsong Souvenir is a group of good friends that all have a passion for good music, and the ways that good music makes you feel and leaves you more hopeful.

    All the members of this project work in other bands but find time on Sundays to get together, work on beautiful music, rehearse, record, and share stories. Christopher David Hanson fronts the band and brings the singer songwriter feel to the group. Along with Jill Burkes on violin and Rob Wheeler on acoustic guitar, both from the duet Morningbird, they bring the folk element to the project. Joined by Mesabi symphony orchestra musician Lynn Evenson on stand up bass, and with thoughtfully composed percussion provided by Matt Jarva the group is well rounded by years of experience in classical training.

     The band is in the process of finishing up their 15 song debut album titled "A Handful of Sundays", due out in 2023 the band plans on a select number of ticket shows, auditorium concerts, street dances, and festivals. Check out the music video and send us a message below, we'd love to hear from you.