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     It all comes down to songwriting for me at the end of the day. I want my music to connect people, I want listeners to feel like someone is writing the soundtrack to their life experiences by sharing my own. It has been my goal since I was 12 years old to do what I'm doing and I'm grateful everyday that I got sober and finally realized the dream.

     I play in a handful of projects right now, a rock band, an acoustic group, and I do my solo performances as well. I feel personally that the singer songwriter music is where my passion gravitates. The songs I craft usually come from the edge of a couch while I'm in my pajamas, surrounded by my dog and cats, and the beauty of northern Minnesota. I'm part of a group of writers online that do songwriting challenges, We receive prompt words throughout the summer and winter and we turn in our compositions so our peers can check our work. It's really driven me to embrace the craft and expand my horizons. If you're a writer I strongly suggest finding such a group, its life changing. 

     I run a small home studio mainly to record the various projects I have in the works but occasionally I'll record and engineer for other artists and up and coming bands when they need the help. I also write songs for businesses, and individuals that want a special tune that's all their own. If you need any of those services just reach out to me and let me know, I'd be glad to help.

    I'd love to bring my all original, acoustic one man show to you. Some folk music, some story songs, a little blues, and some swing, if you need that theres a contact panel below, just fill it out and send me a message, I'll get back to you personally and promptly. Thanks so much for visiting the page I look forward to connecting with you in the future. 

Christopher David Hanson